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Mrs Tarbuck (RR) & Mr Kilburn (RL)

In Reception at RL Hughes children step into an exciting world of awe and wonder where we learn together through play, exploration and investigation.  The large environment is perfectly suited to enhance learning and to provide children with every opportunity to excel. The room is split into small child-size spaces to best aid learning and we have two gardens that the children can access throughout the day. 

In Reception we play, plant, dig, read, write, count, measure, weigh, construct, create, paint, investigate, build, sew, explore the outside world and imagine, whatever the weather. 

During the course of the year we study a wide range of books and poetry, including non-fiction books. The children become palaeontologists, bakers, clothes designers, builders, architects…. to name but a few things. They discover dinosaurs, pirates, travel the globe, bring stories to life, grow butterflies and frogs and cook and eat their own produce.

Sessions are carefully structured to ensure a balance between teacher and child led activities, meaning that the children thrive and become life-long learners able to drive their own education. Children make friends for life and learn how to get along with one another, to share, care and celebrate each other’s achievements

Whilst we know your little ones will have a brilliant time at school we understand that, as parents, it can be emotional parting from them. Reception staff are available every home time to chat and keep parents regularly updates with what is happening using our class dojo messaging servic

By the end of their reception year our children love to read, write, and work on tricky mathematical problems.  They have learned all the building blocks that they need to access the school curriculum and most importantly they are excited to learn!