The Governors of RL Hughes are delighted to welcome you to our school website. The school has many outstanding qualities and it's wonderful to be able to share these with the whole world.

This site aims to help parents, pupils and school visitors find general information about the school, make contact with us and gain an insight into some of the vibrant work that our teachers and children do. In addition to this general website parents, teachers and children can access our virtual learning network which helps children to learn outside of school and share their work with their parents.

What do Governors do?

Governors at the school are volunteers.  Together with the Headteacher we are responsible for making sure the school provides a good quality education and a safe environment. Governors offer a variety of skills and experience to the school which they use to help make decisions about matters such as the curriculum, attainment targets, school policies, school development plans, school budgets and staffing. We are also responsible for reporting on school achievements and responding to inspection recommendations. Where necessary we hear appeals from parents and staff and consider complaints.

In a nutshell Governors are "critical friends" of the school, asking challenging questions about what we can do better and offering support to the school to help us achieve our shared goals.

How do I contact a Governor?

Parents are welcome to contact a governor directly. If you wish to write to a specific Governor, this can be done by addressing the letter and handing it to the Clerk to the Governors - Alex Houghton at school reception. Letters for the Governing Body should be addressed to the Chair of Governors and delivered in the same manner.

While we welcome letters and value your comments, issues and comments relating to the day to day running of the school, should in the first instance, be referred to the Headteacher, Mrs Middlehurst.


Mr Carl Simmons

Chair of the Governing Body

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