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Year 6

Mrs Hurst (6R) & Mrs Hardaker (6L) & Mrs Peake

It doesn’t seem that long ago since your child started in Reception and here they are embarking on their final year at RL Hughes. Being in Year 6 is probably the most memorable time in a child’s primary education.

In Year 6, we do have the challenge of SATs and we work really hard to ensure that ALL the children have the best opportunity possible to achieve their full potential. However, we also make sure that we have fun along the way through our exciting and engaging curriculum. We use a cross-curricular approach to enable the children to deepen their knowledge and understanding across many subject areas. (Please refer to the curriculum maps for more information)

In Year 6, we are very aware that part of our role is to prepare the children for their move to high school, and with this in mind, much of our curriculum focuses on our school values to ensure our children become more determined, resilient, empowered, appreciative and motivated learners. From the moment they enter Year 6, we provide opportunities to enable them to flourish, but also to give them the skills to be lifelong learners and confident young citizens.

The children thoroughly enjoy the added responsibility that Year 6 brings, and as part of this, the children have the opportunity to take on a wide range of roles within school, including play leaders, sports leaders, reading buddies and librarians.

In Year 6, we work together and support each other, and hopefully provide the children with some lasting memorieswhich will stay with them forever.


This is a short video explaining the statutory End of Key Stage 2 assessments.

Y6 Songs

Keep Your Eyes Wide Open - Performance Track.mp3 .mp3
RSVP - Performance Track.mp3 .mp3
Dragon Fruit Dragon - Performance Track Canon.mp3 .mp3
We Grow Dragons - Performance Track.mp3 .mp3
Dragon Fruit Dragon - Performance Track Unison.mp3 .mp3
Fire_Master1.mp3 .mp3